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    Jefreid Lotti (1989) is a Cuban born, award winning artist and educator based in Miami, Florida. In 2016 he earned an MFA degree from the University of Florida and has since conducted artist lectures, residencies, and workshops at various museums, universities, and cultural institutions across the US. Lotti's work has been exhibited and published for over fifteen years. Lotti makes primarily oil paintings;  obsessively representing a multitude of personal interiors scenes with an abundance of impasto oil paint. Drawing inspiration from his past as an immigrant, his upbringing in South Florida and his brief experience living in the Midwest. His work has a low/hi juxtaposition that merges blue collar and fine art.  In 2012, he co-founded the group Serverus with Miguel Saludes and Alvaro Labanino  resulting in a seven year long collaboration of painting centric exhibitions. Through the years his work has been exhibited at the Frost Art Museum, The Trout Museum of Art, the YAA Museum and the Coral Gables Museum. Notable galleries that have exhibited his work include Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami, FL,  the James May Gallery, Milwaukee, WI,  Platabanda Gallery, Miami, FL, and Amat Art Gallery, Miami,FL. Lotti's work has been featured in multiple cultural institutions like The Frank C. Ortis Gallery, Davie, FL, the Lawton Gallery at UWGB, WI and the Hollywood Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, FL.  His most recent solo museum exhibition, MECHANICS at the Coral Gables Museum was featured in El Nuevo Herald  and was reviewed in the Palm Beach Arts Paper by Gretel Sarmiento. His works are in numerous private and public collections across the US including Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, Santa Fe College, Gainesville, FL, The University of Wisconsin Green Bay, WI, the University of Florida galleries, Gainesville, FL, the University of Miami Business school, Miami, FL and the Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL. In 2020 he co founded the artist collective  @hot_stuf11 and the duo CONVIVIR with his wife Krystal T. Rodriguez. 

Artist Statement

    The current body of work which I initially called Essential Work (2020- ) is a series of observational paintings of the mechanic shop where I work a full time job. These oil paintings of lone objects are done in isolation and after closing time. The shop being an "essential business" remained open during the worst of the pandemic, while most of the world was on lockdown. I ceased on the opportunity to use the space as a studio and subject matter. These paintings are as much about formalism as they are about becoming resilient through challenges like  isolation and financial hardship. I see these works as a homage to the blue collar workers I grew up around, Those who keep the modern world running through any adversity. 

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